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"5 · 23" Chinese Literature and Art Volunteer Service Day Calligraphy Charity Activities Entered Xinjiang and Qinghai
Time: May 30, 2019
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Calligraphy charity event walks into Maigaiti
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Calligraphers send calligraphy works to the crowd
Li Fang instructs students to write works
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Writings by Liu Xinfu
Zhang Ji writing on the spot
Calligraphy public welfare activities entered the 53rd Division of the Third Division of Xinjiang Corps in Tumushuk City
The team presented works to outstanding party members and model workers
Sun Feng's writings
Li Zhishun's Writings
Sun Chaojun's writings
Calligrapher visits and condolences to the masses
Jiang Lezhi lectures on the Calligraphy Public Lecture Hall
Shi Li hosted reviews
Lin Yang reviews works
Calligraphy public welfare activities went to Lijia Village, Ledu, Qinghai
Liang Yonglin's writings
Wang Pengjiang's Writings
Jiang Lezhi's Writings
Chen Zhiyuan's Writings
Wang Yongzhou writing works
Writings by Lei Yilin and Niu Kushan

    周年华诞,“ 2019中国文联、中国书协'送欢乐下基层'暨' 523 '中国文艺志愿者服务日书法公益活动”走进新疆、青海,开展文化惠民公益活动。 In order to thoroughly implement the internship in the new era of socialism with Chinese characteristics and the spirit of the 19th National Congress of the Party, actively cultivate and practice the core values of socialism, guide the majority of calligraphers to adhere to the people-centered work orientation, adhere to dedication to the people, Leading the fashion with Mingde, and celebrating the 70th anniversary of the founding of the People's Republic of China with practical actions. Carry out cultural welfare activities for Xinjiang and Qinghai.

    余位书法家组成。 The Chinese Book Association went to Xinjiang and Qinghai Volunteer Service Teams and consisted of more than 20 calligraphers sent by the Chinese Book Association, five calligraphers of Xinjiang Autonomous Region, calligraphers of Xinjiang Construction Corps, and calligraphers of Qinghai.

    21日,首场活动启动仪式在新疆喀什市麦盖提县巴扎结米镇恰木古鲁克村举行。 On May 21 , the launching ceremony of the first event was held in Qamguruk Village, Bazajiemi Town, Maqati County, Kashgar City, Xinjiang.

    自治区文联党组书记、副主席张新生, 中国书协分党组副书记、秘书长郑晓华,中国书协理事张继、梁永琳、林阳,武警总部创作员、国家一级美术师王鹏江,中国书协行书委员会委员蒋乐志, 喀什地委委员、宣传部长蔡世彦,县委常委、宣传部部长孙永东, 新疆书协主席李方,新疆书协副主席兼秘书长李志顺,新疆兵团书协主席孙峰,新疆兵团书协副主席兼秘书长孙朝军,新疆书协理事、喀什市书协主席荆戈,麦盖提县书协主席刘心甫,以及当地村民、当地书法工作者、爱好者、师生,媒体记者共计700余人参加了此次活动。 Zhang Xinsheng, Party Secretary and Vice Chairman of the Xinjiang Federation of Literary and Art Federations; Zheng Xiaohua, Deputy Secretary and Secretary-General of the Party Committee of the Chinese Book Association; Zhang Ji, Liang Yonglin, and Lin Yang, Directors of the Chinese Book Association; Jiang Lezhi, member of the committee, Cai Shiyan, member of the Kashgar Prefecture Committee, Minister of Propaganda, Sun Yongdong, member of the Standing Committee and Minister of Propaganda Department of the County Party Committee, Li Fang, Chairman of Xinjiang Book Association, Li Zhishun, Vice Chairman and Secretary General of Xinjiang Book Association, Sun Feng, Chairman of Xinjiang Corps Book Association, Xinjiang Corps Sun Chaojun, Vice Chairman and Secretary-General, Director of Xinjiang Book Association, Chairman of Kashgar Book Association, Jing Ge, Chairman of Maigaiti County Book Association, Liu Xinfu, and local villagers, local calligraphy workers, enthusiasts, teachers and students, and more than 700 people attended the event. Up this event.

    At the launching ceremony, the Chinese Book Association team presented calligraphy works to outstanding party members and model workers in Maigaiti County, created works for villagers of various ethnic groups, and assisted primary and secondary school students to write on the spot.

    日,书法家一行来到麦盖提县第三中学,举办中国书法 志愿服务公益大讲堂。 On May 22 , the calligraphers and his party came to the No. 3 Middle School of Maigaiti County to hold a large-scale public service lecture hall on Chinese calligraphy volunteering. 多名师生作精彩的讲座,并回答了同学们的提问。 Mr. Zhang Ji focused on the two issues of "meaning of learning calligraphy" and "how to learn calligraphy", gave wonderful lectures to more than 500 teachers and students on site, and answered questions from students. At the request of the teachers and students of No. 3 Middle School of McGheety, Zhang Ji gave the teachers and students the inscription "being close to morals and holding true to the truth", which was applauded by the teachers and students at the scene.

    23日, 志愿者服务小分队来到图木舒克市新疆兵 团第三师53团。 On May 23 , the Volunteer Service Team came to the 53rd Regiment of the Third Division of Xinjiang Corps in Tumushuk City . 书家张高鹏、荆戈、刘心甫、朱代文,以及三师宣传部,三师文联相关领导、访惠聚工作队队员、机关员工、连队队员、学校师生、企事业单位员工、媒体记者500余人参加了启动仪式。 Li Zhenguo, Secretary of the Party Committee and Political Committee of the Third Division Tumushuk City, Yang Jianle, Deputy Minister of Propaganda Department of the Corps Party Committee, Li Bin, Vice Chairman of the Literary Federation, Yan Zhaojun, Member of the Standing Committee of the Municipal Party Committee, Deputy Chief of the Municipal Party Committee, Zhang Gaopeng, Jing Ge, Liu Xinfu, and Zhu Daiwen. As well as the Propaganda Department of the Third Division, more than 500 related leaders from the Third Division Literary Federation, members of the Interview Huiju team, government employees, company members, school teachers and students, employees of enterprises and institutions, and media reporters attended the launching ceremony.

    团文化中心现场创作,向53团优秀党员、劳动模范代表赠送作品,并下连队看望了新疆文联“访惠聚工作队”驻团干部,到维族村民家看“亲戚”(新疆文联、兵团文联干部常年驻村联络帮扶对象)。 The scholars created the scene at the 53rd Cultural Center, presented works to the outstanding 53rd Party members and model workers, and visited the cadres of the Xinjiang Cultural Federation “Visit Huiju Working Group” to see “relatives” at the home of Uighur villagers. The Xinjiang Federation of Literary and Cultural Affairs and the Literary and Cultural Federation of the People's Republic of China have been stationed in the village for liaison and assistance each year). 团文化中心礼堂,蒋乐志为现场200多名师生作“怎样学习行书”讲座。 In the auditorium of the 53 Regiment Cultural Center, Jiang Lezhi gave a lecture on "How to Learn and Learn" for more than 200 teachers and students at the scene. 图木舒克市时,中国书协小分队和兵团文联向新建成的图木舒克机场捐赠了书法作品。 When leaving the city of Tumushuk, the Chinese Book Association team and the Bingtuan Wenlian donated calligraphy works to the newly built Tumushuk Airport.

    日,中国书协小分队一行返回乌鲁木齐,来到新疆维吾尔自治区公安厅慰问公安干警并赠送作品。 On May 24 , the Chinese Book Association team returned to Urumqi and came to the Public Security Department of Xinjiang Uygur Autonomous Region to condolences to police officers and presented works.

    26日,中国书协送欢乐下基层文艺志愿服务小分队一行来到青海乐都区寿乐镇上李家村。 On May 26 , the Chinese Book Association sent a group of grassroots literary and volunteer service teams to the Lijia Village, Shoule Town, Ledu District, Qinghai. 余人参加了此次活动。 Gao Bo, deputy minister of the Propaganda Department of the Qinghai Provincial Committee of the Communist Party of China, Qin Guangming, member of the party group and vice chairman of the Qinghai Federation of Literary and Art Associations, Shi Li, chairman of the Qinghai Book Association, Chen Zhiyuan, Wang Yongzhou, Xu Xiaojiang, Guo Qiang, Xi Jianlin, Sun Faxiang, More than 200 well-known book writers Wang Guangxian, Niu Kushan, Shi Liangyou, as well as local party and government leaders, local people, and media reporters attended the event. 余名创作骨干和书法爱好者作题为“如何让提升作品的感染力”讲座;各位书法家分组点评,和当地作者进行了深入交流。 The calligraphers and his party presented calligraphy works to the outstanding party members and model workers in Ledu District, and splashed ink on the scene to create for the local calligraphy enthusiasts and villagers. At the Qinghai Art Museum, Mr. Zhang Ji combined his own creative experience and created more than 200 works. The backbone and calligraphy enthusiasts gave a lecture entitled "How to make the works more appealing"; each calligrapher commented in groups and had in-depth exchanges with local authors.

    ”全国志愿者日来临之际,远道赴新疆、青海基层农村进行文化惠民活动,受到基层干部和各族群众的热烈欢迎。 On the occasion of the " 523 " National Volunteer Day, the calligraphers organized by the Chinese Book Association went to Xinjiang and Qinghai grassroots villages to carry out cultural welfare activities, and they were warmly welcomed by grassroots cadres and people of all ethnic groups. They said: The Chinese Book Association sent so many well-known calligraphers to the grass-roots villages to create for the villagers and sent high-level spiritual food. This is the first time in many years, thank you very much! I hope to come more in the future, because Xinjiang, Qinghai, and other multi-ethnic areas, the economy and culture are relatively underdeveloped, and they need more support and help! Participating calligraphers went deep into the countryside and felt deeply after touching the villagers' families. They said: The development of the country is not balanced between the east and the west, and the western regions, especially Qinghai and Xinjiang ’s ethnic minority areas. Our cultural and artistic workers have a greater responsibility to unite and unite the people of all ethnic groups with culture as their ties. Attention to construction has mostly contributed to cultural development in border areas.