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Qianjun strokes forged knife marks
—— "Shen Peng Reading Lu Xun's Twenty-four Poems"
Time: May 14, 2019

    Li Jianchun

    Mr. Shen Peng is a famous calligrapher, art critic and well-known poet. When he was a boy, he studied poetry with famous Confucianism, was well versed in phonology, and had always maintained a strong interest in old style poetry. 岁以后,他创作的诗词佳作广泛流传,并先后出版《三馀吟草》《三馀续吟》《三馀再吟》等专集。 After 40 years of age, his poetry and masterpieces have been widely circulated, and he has published special works such as "San Yu Yin Cao", "San Yu Continues Yin", and "San Yu Yins". His poems are beautiful and elegant, with a fresh artistic conception. There are painting poems and congratulation poems, as well as book feelings and travel notes. The subject matter is very extensive, expressing his love and sincerity for life, art and life.

    周年之际,沈鹏先生创作了组诗《沈鹏读鲁迅小说诗二十四首》,笔者在第一时间读后,深感这是沈鹏先生诗词创作的一种全新尝试,正如沈先生自己所说,“从鲁迅小说引发诗意,有难处,在我也是尝试”。 On the 100th anniversary of the publication of Mr. Lu Xun's first vernacular novel "The Madman's Diary", Mr. Shen Peng created the group poem "Shen Peng Reading Lu Xun's Twenty-Four Poems". After reading it for the first time, I felt that this was Shen A new attempt at Mr. Peng's poetry creation, as Mr. Shen himself said, "It is difficult for me to initiate poetry from Lu Xun's novels. The group poems combine the expression of personal emotions with the broad and profound changes of the times, which makes people feel the deep feelings of home and country that are filled with it, which is evocative. 沈鹏先生说:“为鲁迅小说写诗者少,既经建春君评议,将会引起读者兴趣。” 今年正好在鲁迅先生第一篇白话小说《狂人日记》发表101周年之际,由沈鹏作诗、李建春评论、中华书局出版的《诗以言志——沈鹏读鲁迅小说二十四首品鉴》一书付梓出版。 Therefore, I was fortunate to write a tasting article for Mr. Shen Peng's reading of twenty-four poems in Lu Xun's novels. Mr. Shen Peng said: "Few writers for Lu Xun's novels, which have been reviewed by Jianchun Jun, will arouse readers' interest." On the occasion of the 101st anniversary of the first vernacular novel of Mr. Lu Xun's "Diary of a Madman", Shen Peng wrote poems, Li Jianchun commented, and "Chinese Poems with Words in Mind——Shen Peng read Lu Xun's twenty-four tastings" "A book published by Fu Zi. Throughout Mr. Shen Peng's reading of Lu Xun's twenty-four poems, I think it has the following characteristics:

    First, the genre is novel. In the nearly one hundred years since the publication of Lu Xun's novels, few people have interpreted Lu Xun's classic novels in the form of group poems. Therefore, there is a particularly fresh feeling after reading. Just as Zhao Yi's famous poem "On Poems No. 2" in the Qing Dynasty: "Li Du's poems have been widely spoken. So far, they are not new. There are talents from the Jiangshan generation, each leading the way for hundreds of years."

    Second, the form is unique. Twenty-four quatrains with seven words form a group of poems, which are not unconventional. A single poem is like a "drama drama", and the entire group of poems is a "serial drama". It shows the Chinese society in the period from the Revolution of 1911 to the May 4th period in a poem form. Right now. This technique has the characteristics of Chinese Zhanghui novels. It is divided back into the headings. For the second time, Mr. Shen Peng ’s poetry creation has opened a new way in the organic combination of traditional cultivation and modern consciousness.

    Third, family feelings. In his lifetime, Mr. Shen Peng loved Mr. Lu Xun's works and his spirit. I saw a copy of "Scream" when I was studying in Shanghai in the sixth grade of elementary school. I thought about it and bought it. After reading it a little, I was ecstatic. At the age of eighty-seven, when he read Lu Xun's novels again, those who were tearful and sympathetic to Lu Xun could not help reading old tears, so he wrote down twenty-four poems reading Lu Xun's novels. 、祥林嫂、陈士成、吕纬甫、魏连殳、赵七爷、九斤老太、华老栓夫妇等诸多人物形象,诗人注入了深深的情感和关爱,生动有趣,读后令人感怀。 Especially in the group poems, such as Kong Yiji, Ah Q , Xiang Linyi, Chen Shicheng, Lu Weifu, Wei Lianxuan, Zhao Qiye, Granny Jiujin, and Hua Laoshuan, etc., the poet injects deep emotion and care, which is vivid and interesting , After reading it is thoughtful.

    Fourth, the technique is rich. Metaphors, comparisons, exaggerations, parallelisms, antitheses, rhetorical questions, etc. are all in the poems. Poetry is rigorous and liberal, observant and unrestrained. Inverted sentences, double-voiced rhyme, and false leave can be used freely in poems. For example, in the "Diary of a Madman", the first sentence of "Eating Everyone and Eating Two" is like a tongue twister, which is a progressive sentence pattern. Although the syntax is special, it is easy to understand and has a great sense of picture. The passivity of the words adds ancient charm. Such as "On the Restaurant" No. 2: "Confused casually in this area, half a year of decline and a hush. Relocation of flowers to send loneliness, a glimpse of the blue sea and abandon Cangwu." Among them, "boo" and "Wu" are for holiday.

    Fifth, quotation. For example, the second two sentences of "Medicine": "Evil does not help the executioner, but I also want to disturb the spring and autumn." The "Zhuangzi · Xiaoyaoyou" is a classic "I do not know the spring and autumn." Use the metaphor of metaphor and despise those "evil and help the executioner" They have shortsightedness. Another example is the second two sentences of "The Lonely": "If you ask how much is life? The scale has no fixed scale." When explaining the scale of life, Zhu Xi's "Water Tuning Song Head · Snow Moon Rain Contrast" was recorded. Yuan Bing's words, don't mistake the disk star. "Another example is the first two sentences of" The Storm ":" It is not as good as passed down from generation to generation, and the old lady of Jiujin is ignorant to multiply and divide. "The word" multiply and divide "generally refers to the change of time in ancient times. In the Song of Northern Song philosopher and Yi Shao Yong, "Everything is always in the sky, why are you sad?" "Twelve Branches in the Dream of Red Mansions" "Staying in Yuqing" "It is the addition and subtraction of addition and subtraction, there is a sky!" "

    Mr. Shen Peng knows that the path that New China has traveled is extremely difficult, so in the prologue there is a sentence, "The spirit of Lu Xun, the posterity of the sword, and the skill of the sword". Mr. Zhou Ruchang's "A Thousand Autumn Hearts" reads: "Through my poetic heart, learn from the poetic heart of the ancients, and with your poetic heart, from my poetic heart. The three hearts reflect the wisdom, and the true love is clear; It is like meeting each other. "Poetry is a wonderful process of the author and reader, the poet and the viewer, the present and the ancient, and the reflection of the three hearts. Read "Shen Peng Reading Lu Xun's Twenty-Four Poems" as it is.