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Status Quo and Ideal——The current exhibition of academic criticism of calligraphy and the tenth session of the Yellow River Pearl · China Wuhai Calligraphy Art Festival
Time: September 20, 2018

16日上午,现状与理想—当前书法创作学术批评展、第十届黄河明珠·中国乌海书法艺术节、第六届国际书法产业博览会在乌海当代中国书法艺术馆隆重开幕。 On the morning of September 16 , the current status and ideals—the current exhibition of academic criticism of calligraphy, the 10th Yellow River Pearl · China Wuhai Calligraphy Art Festival, and the 6th International Calligraphy Industry Expo were grandly opened in the Wuhai Contemporary Chinese Calligraphy Art Museum. 中国书协副主席、内蒙古书协主席何奇耶徒,中国书协副主席孙晓云、刘洪彪,中国书协分党组成员、副秘书长潘文海,乌海市政协主席王文杰,知名书法家、书法理论家、书法批评家,入展作者,各省、行业书协代表、第六届国际书法产业博览会特邀嘉宾,市委、市政府、人大、政协和军分区的相关领导,媒体记者、乌海市书法爱好者近千人参加活动。 Su Shizheng, Chairman of the Chinese Book Association, Zheng Futian, Vice Chairman of the Political Consultative Conference of the Inner Mongolia Autonomous Region, Shi Wanjun, Secretary of the Wuhai Municipal Committee, Gao Shihong, Deputy Secretary of the Municipal Party Committee, Mayor Gao Shihong, Vice Chairman of the China Federation of Literary and Art Associations, Chen Zhenhuan, Vice Chairman of the Chinese Book Association, Vice Chairman Chairman Chen Hongwu, Secretary of the Inner Mongolia Federation of Literary Federations and Vice Chairman Zhang Yu, Vice Chairman of China Book Association Mao Guodian , Vice Chairman of China Book Association, Chairman of Inner Mongolia Book Association He Qiyetu, Vice Chairman of China Book Association Sun Xiaoyun and Liu Hongbiao, China Book Association Member of the Party Group, Deputy Secretary-General Pan Wenhai, Chairman of Wuhai CPPCC Wang Wenjie, well-known calligrapher, calligrapher, calligrapher critic, author of the exhibition, representatives of provinces, industry book associations, special guests of the 6th International Calligraphy Industry Expo, Relevant leaders of the Municipal Party Committee, Municipal Government, People's Congress, CPPCC, and Military Division, media reporters, and calligraphy enthusiasts from Wuhai City attended the event. The Standing Committee of Wuhai Municipal Committee and Minister of Propaganda Ji Xiaoqing presided over the opening ceremony.

年的普及与发展,呈现出人才辈出、百花齐放的繁荣局面。 Su Shizheng delivered a speech. He said that after 40 years of popularization and development of contemporary calligraphy art, a flourishing situation of talented people and flowers blooming. At the same time, under the market economic system and cultural consumption market environment, diverse, changeable, and diverse social thoughts have brought challenges, confusions, and even shocks to our calligraphy career. The impact of the shock is impetuous, and the consequences of impetuousness are misleading and Elimination of creation is the decline of the spirit of calligraphy and the weakening of culture. When peace is at stake, thinking is prepared, and preparedness is harmless. In response to various problems existing in the field of calligraphy, in recent years, the Chinese Book Association has established itself on the basis of calligraphy and put forward the creative concept of “rooting traditions, encouraging innovation, combining art and literature, and being diverse and tolerant”. With force, the historical tradition of calligraphy creation is returning, the cultural quality is improving, the spirit of the times is accumulating, the ability of calligraphy to resonate with the nation and the country at the same frequency is becoming prominent, and a new situation in the development of calligraphy has gradually opened.

Su Shizhen emphasized that calligraphy criticism and calligraphy creation are like two wings of a bird and two wheels of a car. In order to implement the spirit of General Secretary Jinping ’s important speech on "Literary criticism is a mirror, a good medicine for literary and artistic creation, an important force to guide creation, produce more fine works, improve aesthetics, and lead fashion." Bit. In response to the current lack of culture in the field of calligraphy, vague standards, blind follow the trend, plagiarism and thunder, the calligraphy criticism must be both "looking for beauty" and "seeking flaws"; both praise must be praised without loss, and criticism must not be compromised. ; Both based on in-depth analysis of the "status quo" and seeking the "ideal" direction, the ultimate goal is to pinpoint the lesions, solve the cause, build a historical, people's, artistic, and aesthetic calligraphic criticism discourse system, and promote the healthy and benign of the cause of calligraphy development of. Second, we must keep the bottom line and set the banner. In response to the current phenomenon of individual practitioners in the calligraphy industry losing morality, violating regulations and discipline, we must have a clear-cut adherence to the truth, a firm stand to reject falsehoods, and resolute resistance to vulgar, vulgar, kitsch. The family talks about taste, style, and responsibility. It takes the initiative to double practice in craftsmanship and personality cultivation, and strives to set aside the clouds in the chaotic cloud crossing and stand firm in the hustle and bustle. Third, we must broaden our horizons and raise the pattern. The strength of the book's life weather, the size of his life pattern, and the broadness of his mind determine the width, thickness, and height of his works. If calligraphy creation wants to reach the other side of the "ideal", it must break through the limitations of self, improve the structure of being a person, be good at thinking about problems in a large background and direction, grasp the direction and coordinates of art, continuously surpass oneself, and pursue a profound and profound artistic life. The realm is the so-called "there is a great love in my heart, and a masterpiece is like a flower".

Zheng Futian said that in recent years, the Inner Mongolia Autonomous Region has kept in mind the ardent expectations and profound sentiments of General Secretary Xi Jinping, and has continued to deepen the construction of a strong national cultural area. The flower of cultural development has flourished in the northern part of the motherland. One of the "Top Ten Cultural Brands of the Autonomous Region". 年被中国书协命名为“中国书法城”后,乌海坚持以书法城建设为龙头,不断拓展思路,创新开展工作,书法人才队伍日益壮大,书法阵地建设成效显著,“中国书法城”成为乌海市最为亮丽、最具特色的城市名片。 Since being named the "Chinese Calligraphy City" by the China Book Association in 2008 , Wuhai adheres to the construction of the Calligraphy City as a leader, continuously expands its thinking, and innovates to carry out its work. The team of calligraphic talents has grown stronger, and the construction of calligraphy positions has achieved remarkable results. "Become the most beautiful and distinctive city business card in Wuhai. It is hoped that Wuhai will continue to vigorously promote the traditional culture of the Chinese nation, with the goal of enhancing the "Chinese Calligraphy City · Wuhai" brand influence, further promote the construction of characteristic culture, continuously enrich the connotation of the calligraphy city, accelerate the development of the cultural industry, and further enhance the attraction of the calligraphy city And radiating power to promote Wuhai's cultural undertakings to a new level and make new and greater contributions to "building a beautiful Inner Mongolia and achieving the great Chinese dream."

“中国书法城·乌海”品牌影响力不断提升,书法已成为乌海人共同的精神家园和城市最厚重的文化底色。 Gao Shihong said that in recent years, our city has made full use of the cultural advantages of calligraphy and actively promoted the coordinated development of calligraphy culture and the calligraphy industry. The city's heaviest cultural background. 周年。 This year marks the 10th anniversary of Wuhai being named "Chinese Calligraphy City". 万余人,涌现出一批中国书协会员和书法名家,“书法五进”入选国家公共文化服务体系示范项目,书法城建设已成为推动乌海转型发展的有力支撑。 At present, there are more than 100,000 calligraphy enthusiasts in our city, and a group of members of the Chinese Book Association and famous calligraphy masters have emerged. "Five Calligraphy" has been selected as a national public cultural service system demonstration project. The construction of Calligraphy City has promoted the transformation and development of Wuhai Strong support. The holding of this calligraphy art festival provides an important platform for calligraphy artists and calligraphy enthusiasts to express their appreciation, masterpieces, and the book of Taoism. It will surely present a pleasing artistic feast for all walks of life and will be vigorously promoted. The great development and prosperity of Wuhai cultural undertakings.

After the opening ceremony, the "Go to the People-One Hundred Calligraphers of the Chinese Calligraphers Association" Serving the Common People and the New Era of Calligraphy "Live Calligraphy Counselling" was organized to actively write for the people and serve the society. Afterwards, the audience visited the current situation and ideals—the current exhibition of academic criticism of calligraphy creation, and the 6th International Calligraphy Industry Expo.

16日下午, 中国书协主席苏士澍、中国教育学会秘书长杨银付分别作了“写好中国字,做好中国人”“开展书法教育,弘扬传统文化”的专题讲座, 市委书记史万钧,市委常委、宣传部长冀晓青,市委常委、秘书长苏忠胜到场聆听讲座。 On the afternoon of September 16 , Su Shizhen, Chairman of the Chinese Book Association, and Yang Yinfu, Secretary-General of the Chinese Education Society, gave lectures on "Writing Chinese Characters, Doing Chinese Well ", " Starting Calligraphy Education and Promoting Traditional Culture," Shi Wanjun, Secretary of the Municipal Party Committee, and Municipal Party Committee. Standing Committee Member and Minister of Propaganda Ji Xiaoqing, and Standing Committee Member and Secretary General of the Municipal Committee Su Zhongsheng attended the lecture. Deputy Mayor Liu Suhong presided over.  

In his lectures, Su Shizheng, from "Realizing the great rejuvenation of the Chinese nation and vigorously promoting the culture of Chinese calligraphy", "'Writing Chinese characters well and becoming Chinese' has become a common consensus in all sectors of society", "Calligraphy into the classroom-Chinese character writing Education ushers in initial prosperity "," Speak for the people, climb the 'peak' of the times, and strive to realize the Chinese dream of the great rejuvenation of the Chinese nation, "etc., elaborate on calligraphy and Chinese characters, calligraphy and culture, calligraphy and education And other important issues.  

After the lecture, Su Shizheng and his entourage went to the West Campus of the Experimental Primary School of the City, and listened to the progress report of "Calligraphy into the Classroom" in Wuhai City, and affirmed the development of the calligraphy education in Wuhai City. Su Shizhen pointed out that in recent years, Wuhai Municipal Party Committee and Municipal Government have attached great importance to calligraphy education, and have done a lot of fruitful work in top-level design and professional teacher training. Primary and secondary school students have inherited the traditional cultural atmosphere, and the level of calligraphy has increased significantly. It is hoped that Wuhai City will continue to support calligraphy in the classroom and promote the better inheritance of the Chinese traditional culture.  

(Text: Fan Guoxin, photography: Sun Haixing)