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Chen Liang
Time: September 11, 2018

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About the Author


Chen Liang, pseudonym Chen Xiuzhu, half-watted, is a private resident and a master of Chengxintang. Member of Chinese Calligraphers Association, director of Sichuan Calligraphers Association.


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Chen Liang


Creative notes


When the three-day study in Beijing was over and I received the creation of the Chinese Calligraphers Association's "Cognition of the Beauty of Each Book", and then compared with the traditional version of the authoritative version of the China Bookstore, I immediately had an idea in my head: the first is Focusing on the theme of the creation of the book body aggregation and mobilization of all internal and external factors that are beneficial to the creation, do a good job of desk preparation and screening of the first draft materials, size and find the best point of development within the scope of ability; the second is to reasonably avoid Open the "hit shirt" of the content of your choice, such as "Taobao explosion models" such as "Empty Mountain After the Rain" and even the content I have written before are not considered; the third is to increase the visibility and readability outside the text as much as possible Sex, try to pay attention to the current positive energy, responsible, irreproducible text when writing, on behalf of this stage of my "ideal and status" "what to write, how to write" some self-care and choice reflection.


The text of the proposition creation "The Cognition of the Beauty of Each Book Style" is actually divided into three chapters, that is: Cai Yan's "Episode", Cheng Gongsui's "Li Shuti", and Wang Xi's "Letter of the Book". As Shu Di continued to heat, I wrote three drafts. The main idea of the first draft was to use the style of Moya Lishu to express the antique, romantic, and exuberant visibility. However, it was later found that the text was too obscure and voluminous. It was like Fang Wenshan's lyrics were too deep and difficult to sing. It can only be read, so the idea was filtered out in time urgency; the second draft, based on the first draft, retained the full visual effect of Cliff's "column and column", using Jane's natural writing and the inscription of the tablet are reconciled. Because the size of the entire page is too large, it does not do enough to control the random disposition and automatic generation of the entire chapter. Immediately, I made it through the night, and I made a few slaps in the stipulated time, and finally got some points of permission in the third draft.


It is my attitude to abide by the law. The optional content "Code of Conduct for Chinese Calligraphers" was created with a lot of motor and electricity, and under the condition of ensuring that all the content is written, it emphasizes the inherent connection of cursive and the rules remain relatively constant as the brush strokes continue. Micro changes are not easy. Based on my eyesight, in terms of individual cognition and creative ideas at this stage, I am biased towards new explorations, new texts, and new trends in "advancing with the times", which is the so-called "innovation-driven development". Breakthroughs at any point require redoubled sweat. Although it is still far from the "bamboo in my heart", as a calligraphy worker, we only have to work hard to turn our minds into books, and to stimulate the passion of calligraphy with passionate questions. Well, luck of the times.


4. Respect for tradition and keep up with innovation.


There is no end to art, and learning is endless. Improve your own education, cultivation and cultivation, promote business growth with cultural literacy, and jointly create a good atmosphere of music learning, good learning, good learning and erudition in calligraphy. Adhere to the direction of advanced socialist culture, inherit and carry forward the excellent traditional culture of the Chinese nation, grasp the essence of calligraphy, and carry out creative transformation and innovative development. Keeping in mind that creation is the central task, work is the foundation of the work, respect for originality, encourage innovation, dare to make breakthroughs, have the courage to practice, and instill the spirit of innovation throughout the entire process of calligraphy creation, and strive to introduce masterpieces with profound thought and superb art.


Fifth, awe calligraphy, serve the public.


The art of calligraphy is an important carrier for calligraphers to unleash their ideals, display their ambitions, display their talents, and contribute to society. Awe in calligraphy, loyalty to art, seriously consider the social effects of the work, promote positive energy, attract people to the good, good, and beautiful, and resolutely oppose vulgar, vulgar, kitsch style. Respect the creation and contribution of the people to the arts, understand the wishes and needs of the people, and treat the people as connoisseurs and judges of art, in order to serve the people and achieve the greatest artistic value and meaning in life.


  Six, respect for teachers, harmonious tolerance.


Teachers need to re-educate, and do not forget the teacher. Establish a correct concept of worship and apprenticeship, and advocate that teachers are willing to teach and apprentices to learn, forming a good atmosphere of respecting teachers and lovers, teaching excellence, equality and mutual assistance, and common progress. Pay attention to the cultural connotation and social influence of the ceremony of worship, and oppose the bad habits such as speculative use of the ceremony of worship. Encourage the exchange and mutual learning of different styles, genres, and styles, learn from each other, seek common development, consciously oppose and resist the views of the martial arts, regional habits, and the tendency and phenomenon of literati being light, and build a good calligraphy ecology that is harmonious, sincere, united, and promising .


Code of Conduct for Chinese Calligraphers   × 97cm[ 260cm × 97cm ]


In order to further implement the core values of socialism and the "Convention on the Professional Ethics of Chinese Literary and Art Workers", to further regulate the professional behavior of calligraphers, strengthen industry self-discipline, advocate new trends in the industry, and promote the prosperity and development of the calligraphy industry, this code is formulated.


1. For the motherland, art is for the people.


Love the great motherland, support the leadership of the Communist Party of China, consciously safeguard national sovereignty, national dignity and the interests of the people, and resolutely resist all words and deeds that split the motherland and undermine national unity and social stability. Tell Chinese stories well in foreign exchange activities, carry forward the Chinese spirit, and show the Chinese style. Keep in mind that the people are the parents of the calligraphers, always caring about the people, taking the people as the subject of performance and serving them, writing for the people, expressing their feelings, and working hard to provide the best spiritual food for the people.


Second, go deep into life, and write with the times.


Persevere in the fiery social life, devote yourself to the torrent of the era of reform, opening up, and socialist modernization, focus on the lively practice of creating a happy life for the people, and draw materials from living sources at the grassroots level to inspire inspiration and enhance the ideological realm. Sing the main theme of the development of the times and social progress, promote the advancement of art in the progress of the people, consciously abandon the unfavorable tendencies of detachment from reality, life, and the masses, and be the forerunners, pioneers, and advocates of the times.


Third, dedication, writing people.


Love the art of calligraphy, loyal to artistic ideals, adhere to artistic conscience, and pursue lofty values. Withstands loneliness, devotes herself to the art cause, resolutely abandons the smell of copper, and does not become a slave to the market. Adhere to the people-centered creative orientation, put the people at the highest position in their hearts, love the people and the people, and constantly enrich people's spiritual and cultural life, condensing people's confidence and strength to realize the Chinese nation's great revival of the Chinese dream.


7. Health criticism leads the trend.


Adhere to the blossoming of flowers, the contention of hundreds of schools, artistic democracy, and academic democracy, tell the truth and reasoning, attach importance to theoretical research, treat criticism and counter-criticism correctly, and refuse to respect the ocean, praise "friendship", and red envelope comments. Carry forward the spirit of Chinese aesthetics, put social benefits and social values first, adhere to the correct orientation, oppose oblivion, and give play to the leading and stimulating role of criticism in creation. Strengthen the sense of social responsibility, be enthusiastic about public welfare, be dedicated to the community, actively participate in various forms of arts and activities for the benefit of the people, and consciously resist the wrong tendencies of hedonism, money worship, and extreme individualism.


8. Comply with discipline and law, and fair competition.


Establish a sense of rule of law, use the rule of law thinking and rule of law to strengthen industry services, industry management, industry self-discipline, industry rights protection, resolutely resist all types of illegal acts, resolutely resist plagiarism, plagiarism and other infringements and ghostwriting. Correct art concepts and attitudes, treat awards and rankings in awards festivals and exhibitions correctly, look at works as well as character, not be confused by material desires, not burdened by human feelings, not stumped by vanity, and resolutely oppose Please entrust food and Sonaqa to wait for the unhealthy trend, and create a good atmosphere of vigor and prosperity.


Nine, Germany and the art of double cultivation, take on the mission.


Deyi Shuangxin is the highest realm and lifelong pursuit of the artist. Calligraphers must not only pursue excellence in artistic creation, but also pursue excellence in ideological and moral cultivation, strengthen moral judgment, strengthen personality cultivation, and pursue a civilized lifestyle and a healthy and positive lifestyle. Establish a good social image of public figures, talk about taste, respect for morality, preserve integrity for history, promote virtue for the world, and keep a clean name for themselves. Efforts to climb the peak of morality and art, vigorously carry forward the spirit of dedication, love, mutual assistance, and progress in voluntary service, strive to be the vanguard of the construction of the calligraphy industry, and oppose quick success, fraud, and crude fabrication. Keeping in mind the historical responsibility shouldered, shouldering the lofty mission of lifting the spiritual banner, setting up spiritual pillars, and building spiritual homes, with a high degree of cultural consciousness and a variety of artistic methods, play the strongest voice of the era of realizing the Chinese dream.


Members of groups and calligraphers should vigorously publicize and actively promote the implementation of this code. The majority of calligraphy workers should abide by this code and consciously accept the supervision of the masses, public opinion and society.


In order to implement the spirit of General Secretary Jinping ’s important speech at the Symposium on Literary and Artistic Work and the Tenth National Congress of the Chinese Federation of Literary and Art Circles, adhere to the standpoint of Chinese culture, inherit the genes of Chinese culture, promote traditional arts, flourish literary and artistic creation, and analyze the development of contemporary calligraphy in depth. The characteristics of the stage, the problems and challenges it faces, guide the direction, recultivation, exhibition of talents, and the new structure of the scholars, so that there is righteousness in the heart, people in the heart, responsibility on the shoulders, and prosperity in the writing.


The Summer Month of 1898. bamboo.