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Chinese Culture and Calligraphy • Enrollment of the 5th National Youth Calligraphy Backbone Advanced Research Class
Time: April 27, 2018

    "National Studies" is the crystallization of Chinese traditional academics, embodying the wisdom of Chinese civilization for thousands of years. In the long history of changes, it has been consistent for thousands of years, keeps things quiet, continues the spirit of the Chinese nation, nurtures the spirit of the Chinese people, cultivates traditional historical culture, and has created the great masters of calligraphy throughout the ages. 年开始,在中国人民大学国学院、艺术学院支持下,在北京共同举办了四期“国学修养与书法﹒全国青年书法创作骨干高研班”,努力在书法界营造学习经典、读书思考的风气,引导当代书坛新生力量技道均衡、艺文兼备、德艺双馨,希望由此带动书法界静心读书,沉潜书艺,不断拓宽学术视野,提升传统学养,受到书法界和社会各界的欢迎和好评。 In order to promote the healthy and healthy development of contemporary calligraphy art, the Chinese Calligraphers Association has co-organized four “National Studies Cultivation and Calligraphy, National Youth Calligraphy Creation Backbone Courses” in Beijing with the support of the Renmin University of China and the School of Arts since 2014 . "Efforts to create a culture of studying classics and thinking about reading in the calligraphy world, to guide the new forces of contemporary book circles to have a balanced skills, both art and literature, and both virtue and art. I hope that this will lead the calligraphy world to meditate on reading, dive into the art of calligraphy, and continue to expand academics. Vision, enhance traditional education, welcomed and praised by the calligraphy community and all walks of life.

    认真学习党的十九大精神,深刻领会习近平新时代中国特色社会主义思想,全面贯彻习近平总书记系列重要讲话精神,特别是在北京文艺工作座谈会和中国文联十次文代会、中国作协九次作代会开幕式上的重要讲话精神,深入落实《中共中央关于繁荣发展社会主义文艺的意见》《关于实施中华优秀传统文化传承发展工程的意见》, 切实解决书法界存在的优秀青年作者传统文化学养不足问题,培养一支青年高素质书法人才队伍,为当代书法的健康可持续发展提供人才保障,经研究,决定于201810月在北京举办“国学修养与书法•第五届全国青年书法创作骨干高研班”。 In order to earnestly study the spirit of the 19th National Congress of the Communist Party of China, deeply understand Xi Jinping's thoughts on socialism with Chinese characteristics in the new era, and comprehensively implement the spirit of General Secretary Xi Jinping's series of important speeches, especially at the Beijing Literary and Art Work Symposium and the Tenth Congress of the China Federation of Literature and Art. The spirit of the important speech at the opening ceremony of the Second Generation Congress, in-depth implementation of the "Opinions of the Central Committee of the Communist Party of China on Prosperity and Development of Socialist Literature and Art" and "Opinions on the Implementation of the Project of Inheritance and Development of Chinese Traditional Culture" The problem of insufficient cultural education, training a team of young high-quality calligraphy talents, and providing talent guarantee for the healthy and sustainable development of contemporary calligraphy. After research, it was decided to host the "National Culture Cultivation and Calligraphy • The Fifth National Youth in Beijing in October 2018 " Calligraphy Backbone Advanced Research Class. "

    【Target of enrollment】:

    This year's enrollment is for outstanding young authors at the grassroots level who have creative and academic research expertise. Under the same conditions, outstanding young authors in the west are preferred.

    [Teaching link]:

    、课堂教学:聘请名家授课,内容包括:中国传统文化概论、经典名著导读、诗词文法、文字学概论等。 1. Classroom teaching: Hire famous teachers to teach, including: introduction to traditional Chinese culture, introduction of classic classics, poetry grammar, introduction to philology, etc.

    、专题研讨:围绕习近平总书记在文艺工作座谈会上的重要讲话作专题讲座和研讨,围绕“国学修养与书法”、“如何治学”等专题展开研讨。 2. Special seminars: Special lectures and seminars on the important speeches of General Secretary Xi Jinping at the symposium on literary and art work, and special discussions on topics such as "Chinese culture and calligraphy" and "how to study".

    、观摩交流:学习期间举办学员作品观摩交流展,邀请名家点评。 3. Observations and exchanges: During the study period, students' works and observation exchange exhibitions will be held, and celebrities will be invited to comment.

    、学习汇报展:拟于2019年结业考试期间举办学员作品汇报展,并出版作品集。 4. Study Report Exhibition: It is planned to hold a student report exhibition during the 2019 final examination and publish a portfolio.

    、出版论文集:授课结束后,学员撰写文章,并请中国书协学术委员会委员指导,适时结集出版。 5. Publication of the proceedings: After the lecture, the students write articles and ask the members of the Academic Committee of the Chinese Book Association for guidance to collect and publish them in a timely manner.

    、后续培养:为学员提供学习教材,推荐阅读书目,引导学员继续学习,撰写读书笔记,参加文化与专业考核。 6. Follow-up training: provide students with learning materials, recommend reading books, guide students to continue studying, write reading notes, and participate in cultural and professional assessments.

    、在书法专业媒体开辟专栏,陆续刊发学员读书笔谈、学术文章、诗歌散文、书法作品等。 7. Develop columns in the media of calligraphy majors, and publish students' written conversations, academic articles, poetry prose, and calligraphy works.

    [Entry conditions]:

    He has won awards in exhibitions, forums, and seminars sponsored by the Chinese Calligraphers Association over the years. Specific requirements:

    、创作类 1. Creative category

    次即具备申报资格;中国书法兰亭奖、全国书法篆刻作品展、全国青年书法篆刻展入展2次即具备申报资格;篆、隶、楷、行、草、篆刻各书体展获“等级奖”或“优秀作品” 2次即具备申报资格;上述展览未获奖、未获“优秀作品”但入展5次同样具备申报资格。 The Chinese Book Franking Prize won the "Grade Award" author, the National Calligraphy Engraving Works Exhibition won the "Grand Prize" or "Excellent Works" author, the National Youth Calligraphy Engraving Exhibition won the "Grade Award" or "Excellent Works" Author, and the above exhibition won " "Grade Award" or "Excellent Work" is eligible for application once; Chinese Book Franking Award, National Calligraphy and Seal Engraving Works Exhibition, National Youth Calligraphy and Seal Engraving Exhibition is eligible for application after entering the exhibition twice; 篆, Li, Kai, Xing, Cao, Each seal show that has received a "level award" or "excellent work" twice is eligible for declaration; the above-mentioned exhibitions have not been awarded, and have not been awarded "excellent works" but have been eligible for declaration 5 times.

    、学术类 2.Academic

    次即具备申报资格;全国书学讨论会入选2次即具备申报资格;专项论坛获“等级奖”或“优秀论文” 2次即具备申报资格;专项论坛入选3次即具备申报资格。 The National Calligraphy Seminar will be eligible for declaration once it wins the "Level Award" or "Excellent Paper"; The National Book Seminar will be eligible for declaration once it is selected twice; The Special Forum won the "Level Award" or "Excellent Paper" twice. Eligible for declaration; if the forum is selected three times, it will be eligible for declaration.

    、申报作者年龄需在50岁以下(含50岁,即1968425日以前出生);在基层(地级市及以下行政建制单位工作)工作者优先;已参加一、二、三、四届“国学班”学习的不能报名。 3. The author must be under 50 years old (including 50 years old, that is, born before April 25 , 1968 ); workers at the grassroots level (prefecture-level cities and below administrative establishments) are preferred; have participated in the first, second, third 2. Those who are studying in the 4th "Chinese Studies Class" cannot register.

    [Number of students, registration and admission methods]

    、计划招生人数: 45人。 1. Number of planned enrollment: 45 .

    、报名时间: 2018427日至530日截止(以当地邮戳为准)。 2. Registration period: April 27th to May 30th , 2018 (subject to local postmarks).

    、报名方式:个人申报。 3. Registration method: Individual application.

    幅(书体不限)等申请材料投寄国学班会务组。 Individual application: Fill in the application form, and submit the application form, a copy of the ID card, a copy of the award, a copy of the certificate of selection, and 4 recent photographs of calligraphy works (with no limit on the style of writing) to the conference department of the Chinese Academy.

    号院32号楼B座中国书协研究部 Address: China Book Association Research Department, Building B , Building 32, No. 1 Beishatan, Chaoyang District, Beijing

    Postcode: 100085

    Received by: Liu Zhaojian

    5975958313621157799 Phone: 01059759583 , 13621157799

    4. Admission: The Chinese Calligraphers Association organized expert review and admission. After admission, it will be announced on the Chinese Calligraphers Association website, and an admission notice will be sent.

    、中国书协研究部项目联系人:刘照剑;电话: 0105975958313621157799 5. Contact person of the research department of China Book Association: Liu Zhaojian ; Tel: 01059759583 , 13621157799

    1015日—— 24日,为期10天。 [Learning time]: The concentration of face-to-face teaching is tentatively scheduled for October 15th - 24th , 2018 , for a period of 10 days. Specific time and related matters are subject to the admission notice.

    [Class location]: Further notice

    [Student benefits]:

    、录取的学员,学费、食宿(按国家规定标准)、展览、出版、后续培养教材等费用由中国书法家协会承担,往返交通费自理。 1. For the admitted students, the tuition fees, room and board (according to national regulations), exhibition, publication, and follow-up training materials are borne by the Chinese Calligraphers Association.

    、高研班学习时间为1年。 2. The study time for the advanced research class is 1 year. After completing the course study, the certificate of completion of the "National Studies Cultivation and Calligraphy • Fifth National Youth Calligraphy Backbone High-level Research Course" will be awarded.

    、完成相关课程的学员,纳入中国书协青年人才库,在中国书协展览、论坛、国际交流等活动中优先选拔参加。 3. Participants who have completed relevant courses shall be included in the Young Talents Library of the China Book Association, and shall be selected for participation in the China Book Association exhibition, forum, and international exchange activities.

    Attachment: Registration Form of Chinese Culture and Calligraphy · The Fifth National Youth Calligraphy Creative Backbone High School Registration Form.docx

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