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----- Celebrate the grand opening of the national calligraphy exhibition
Time: November 27, 2018

26日,中国文学艺术界联合会、中国书法家协会、中国楹联学会共同主办的“庆祝改革开放四十周年全国书法大展”在民族文化宫展览馆开幕。 To celebrate the 40th anniversary of reform and opening up, implement the spirit of the 19th National Congress of the Communist Party of China and Xi Jinping's thoughts on socialism with Chinese characteristics in the new era, and write a magnificent chapter of the Chinese nation in the new era. The “National Calligraphy Exhibition Celebrating the 40th Anniversary of Reform and Opening Up”, co-sponsored by the China Association of Chinese People's Federation and the Chinese Couplets Association, opened at the National Cultural Palace Exhibition Hall.

中国文联党组书记、副主席李屹,中国文联原党组书记胡振民,中国文联党组成员、书记处书记陈建文,中国文联副主席左中一,中国文联原副主席夏潮,中国文联原副主席杨承志,中国书协名誉主席张海,中国书协主席苏士澍,中国文联副主席、中国书协副主席陈振濂,中国书协顾问邵秉仁、张飙、申万胜,中国楹联学会会长蒋有泉,中国书协副主席王丹、毛国典、包俊宜、刘金凯、刘洪彪、孙晓云、吴东民、宋华平、张建会、顾亚龙、翟万益,全国各文艺家协会、中国文联机关各部室、各直属单位和有关单位负责同志,参展的知名书法家代表、在京中国书协理事、以及来自全国各地的书法同道、媒体记者近千人参加了开幕式。 Sun Jiazheng , Vice Chairman of the Eleventh National Committee of the Chinese People's Political Consultative Conference and Honorary Chairman of the China Federation of Literary and Art Federations, Li Yi , Party Secretary and Vice Chairman of the China Federation of Literary and Art Federations, Hu Zhenmin, former Party Secretary of the China Federation of Literary and Art Federations, Chen Jianwen , member of the Party Group and Secretary of the Secretariat of the China Federation of Literary and Art Federations, Zuo Zhongyi , Vice Chairman of the China Federation of Literary and Art Federations , Xia Chao, the former vice chairman of the China Federation of Literature and Art, Yang Chengzhi, the former vice chairman of the China Federation of Literature and Art, Zhang Hai, honorary chairman of the China Book Association, Su Shizhen, chairman of the China Book Association, Chen Zhenhuan, vice chairman of the China Book Association, and vice chairman of the China Book Association, Shao Bingren and Zhang Biao, consultants of the China Book Association Shen Wansheng , Jiang Youquan, President of the China Federation of Couplets, Wang Dan, Mao Guodian, Bao Junyi, Liu Jinkai, Liu Hongbiao, Sun Xiaoyun, Wu Dongmin, Song Huaping, Zhang Jianhui, Gu Yalong, Zhai Wanyi, Vice President of the Chinese Book Association, Gu Yalong, Zhai Wanyi Nearly a thousand people from various departments, agencies, directly-affiliated units and relevant units, representatives of well-known calligraphers participating in the exhibition, directors of the Chinese Book Association in Beijing, and fellow calligraphy and media reporters from all over the country attended the opening ceremony. The opening ceremony was chaired by Chen Hongwu, secretary of the Party Group of the Chinese Book Association and vice chairman of the committee.

伴随着改革开放四十年来的巨大变革,我国文艺事业的发展迎来了黄金机遇期。 Li Yi pointed out in his speech that with the great changes in the 40 years of reform and opening up, the development of China's literary arts has ushered in a golden opportunity period. Literary and artistic creation continued to flourish, fine masterpieces continued to emerge, the talent team continued to grow, and the artistic and ecological environment was further optimized. As the unique spiritual carrier of the Chinese nation, the ancient art of calligraphy, once again riding on the east wind of reform and opening up, is once again full of vitality. 年中国书法家协会成立后,逐步形成覆盖全国的组织体系。 Calligraphy creation is becoming more and more prosperous, and exchanges and exhibitions are becoming more and more active; calligraphy theory research and calligraphy reviews have been continuously strengthened, and the ability to guide creation and appreciation has been significantly improved; calligraphy education has been widely carried out, and the popularity and professional level have been continuously improved; Criticize calligraphy masters with profound and influential influence; the organizational mechanism has been continuously improved. After the establishment of the Chinese Calligraphers Association in 1981 , it gradually formed an organization system covering the whole country. The forty years of reform and opening up are the forty years of rapid development of the art of calligraphy, the forty years of calligraphy art entering a new stage of prosperity and development, and the forty years of outstanding achievements of calligraphy art creation. 展现改革开放四十年来中华民族波澜壮阔的奋斗历程和翻天覆地的巨大变化,颂扬改革、讴歌发展,激发热情、鼓舞斗志,同时展示当代书法家紧跟时代步伐、饱含家国情怀,砥砺淬炼、精益求精的艺术追求,具有十分重要的历史意义和现实意义。 The theme of this exhibition is "Celebrating the Fortieth Anniversary of Reform and Opening Up", and strive to show the magnificent struggle and tremendous changes of the Chinese nation in the 40 years of reform and opening up through a series of calligraphic works created with affection, and praise the reform and development of Acura. Inspiring enthusiasm and inspiration, while showing that contemporary calligraphers keep up with the times, are full of the feelings of the country, and are tempered and refined, the pursuit of excellence is of great historical and practical significance.

应自觉站在时代的前沿,敏锐体察时代变革,感知时代气息,把握时代脉搏;应牢牢把握以人民为中心的创作导向,深切感悟当下的火热实践,倾力书写最具影响力的价值理念,尽情抒发最具感染力的思想情感,用积极向上的优秀书法作品陶冶情操、启迪心智、引领风尚;应以虔诚、敬畏之心对待书法艺术的光辉历史、光荣传统和伟大成就,同时又要以推陈出新、匠心独运的勇气将其艺术精髓、精神内涵融入当今的伟大时代,以精品力作涵养时代书风,为实现“两个一百年”奋斗目标举精神之旗、立精神支柱、建精神家园。 Li Yi called on the majority of calligraphers to consciously stand at the forefront of the times, to be keenly aware of the changes in the times, to sense the breath of the times, and to grasp the pulse of the times; Write the most influential values, express the most infectious thoughts and emotions, and cultivate sentiment, inspire the mind, and lead the fashion with excellent and positive calligraphy works ; you should treat the glorious history and glory of calligraphy art with devotion and awe Tradition and great achievements, at the same time, with the courage to innovate and ingenuity, to integrate its artistic essence and spiritual connotation into today's great era, to fine-tune the style of the times, to achieve the "two hundred years" goal Flag, build spiritual pillars, build spiritual homes.

年改革征程助推着中华文化的繁荣兴盛,更坚定着百姓的文化自信。 In his speech, Su Shizheng said that the 40- year reform journey has promoted the prosperity of Chinese culture and strengthened the cultural confidence of the people. Calligraphy, as a unique art form in China, is the most core, deepest and most subtle part of traditional culture. It is the longest-running art form in the world, and it still represents the vitality of the Chinese nation ’s unique creativity and philosophy. The artistic form of rhyme. Calligraphy is not only the writing of Chinese characters, but also the cultural spirit of self-improvement and self-improvement of the Chinese nation. It also incorporates the unique thought and wisdom of the Chinese people. I hope that the majority of calligraphers will keep in mind the general counsel of General Secretary Xi Jinping, "There is justice in the chest, people in the heart, responsibility on the shoulders, and prosperity in the pen." The spirit of the times, carrying forward the outstanding traditional culture of China, showing the spirit and responsibility of shaping the soul of calligraphers, creating for the people, singing songs for the times, and providing spiritual impetus for a new round of deepening reforms.

件作品展出,作者包括老、中、青三代书法家,其中工作在基层一线的书家和新文艺工作者占有相当比例。 A total of 109 works were exhibited in this exhibition. The authors include three generations of calligraphers: old, middle and young calligraphers. Among them, a large proportion of book writers and new writers and artists working at the grassroots level. Lianyu was written mainly by the members of the Chinese Couplets Association. The selected works are rich in content, simple in language, and elegant in style. They have all kinds of truth, deeds, grass, li, and qi, and various styles. They have achieved a healthy and up-to-date spirit that is interlinked with the sense of achievement and accomplishment of the masses. The unity, fully shows the contemporary pursuit of the art of the contemporary scholars to inherit the tradition, harden and refine, and strive for excellence, permeated with the spirit of inspiring times.

9日。 This exhibition will run until December 9 .