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China Calligraphy Issue No. 26
Time: July 10, 2015

    · 封面 1st Edition · Cover

      Sun Boxiang:

    I am a commoner

    Life in the fertile soil of Chinese culture

    魏碑 擅场且能在此基础上生发出自家风格与面貌者,应首推津门之孙伯翔先生。 In the history of contemporary calligraphy, those who are good at " Wei Bei " and can produce their own style and appearance based on this should be the first to be promoted by Mr. Sun Boxiang of Jinmen.

    30 年当代书坛上,孙先生一路走来,给人印象最为深刻的莫过于他独树一帜的 魏碑 书法。 It should be said that in the recent 30 years of contemporary book circles, Mr. Sun has come all the way, and the most impressive thing is his unique " Wei Bei " calligraphy. 书法观 ,同时,更为曾几何时一直以 帖学 为正统的书坛,提供了一种强有力的参照系。 In particular, the style and character based on "The Statue of Shiping Gong" not only influenced the " calligraphy view " of a generation , but also provided a powerful book tradition that had always been based on " Theology of Calligraphy " . frame of reference. With deep and dignified writing, he opened up the contemporary vision of contemporary calligraphy aesthetics; with his unique ingenuity and feelings, he opened up a fresh and extensive calligraphy style that belongs to himself and the public. 碑帖 体例上的所谓不同,看到的却是昂扬的精神、大朴不雕的境界,以及他勤勉、老实、通达的信念与追求。 From his splash, we have long forgotten the so-called difference in the style of " inscriptions " , but what we see is the spirit of high spirits, the state of simplicity and simplicity, and his diligence, honesty, and conviction.


    魏碑 体相对于 帖学 传统而言,确实少了些 韵致 风流 ,但它却多了些 朴质 天然 Compared to the " Tie Xue " tradition, the " Wei Bei " style does have less " charm " and " merry " , but it has more " simple " and " natural " . 毡裘之气 粗鄙 的特质,也可能正是 世道 人心 中所最缺少的 神奇 之处。 Those once criticized " feeling qi " and " vulgarity " may also be the " magic " missing from the " world " and " human heart " . 化腐朽 也的确需要相应的本事与人生局量。 Of course, this " decomposing decay " does require a corresponding ability and life situation. In our opinion, Mr. Sun Boxiang is such a successful scholar.


    That day, I visited Mr. Sun's house for the first time. 天真 活泼 I also felt his " naive " and " lively " for the first time . 庄严书写 的另一面 …… The 81-year-old old man is alert and funny. He has a sharp eye for unhealthy winds, fairly criticized and commented, let us for the first time experience the other side of the " sophisticated writing " of this big scholar ...


    I was a farmer,

    Putian Swarovski.

    Lin Yu is given by the sky,

    But I know the pain.


    This is Mr. Sun's poem, and it is also a true portrayal of his art.


    · 要闻 2nd Edition · Highlights

    中国书法出版传媒学习 三严三实 专题教育 Chinese Calligraphy, Publishing and Media Study on " Three Stricts and Three Realities " Special Education
    中国书法出版传媒制定 三严三实 专题教育实施方案 Chinese calligraphy publishing media formulate the implementation plan of the " three strict three real " special education

    逸笔遗珍 —— 启功艺术回顾展 在京亮相 ● " Yi Bi Yi Zhen - Qi Gong Art Retrospective Exhibition " debuted in Beijing

    《李铎》入藏国家图书馆(国家典籍博物馆) "Li Duo" in the National Library (National Museum of Classics)

    · 历史 3 Edition · History

    瑶台婵娟,不胜绮罗 —— 褚遂良的楷书(文 / 翁志飞) Yaotai Yanjuan , invincible Qiluo Chu Suiliang's regular script (Wen Zhifei)
    李世民《王羲之传论》注析(文 / 甘中流) Commentary on Li Shimin's Biography of Wang Xizhi (text / Gan Zhongliu)

    【人物春秋】智永 [Character Spring and Autumn] Zhiyong

    · 镜像 Version 4 · Mirror

      Sun Boxiang: Calligraphy Creation


    · 文心 Version 5


    【文人书法】马一浮先生的书与诗(文 / 管继平) [Literati Calligraphy] Mr. Ma Yifu's Book and Poem (Wen / Guan Jiping)

    【书家心事】 柔软的 [Book house mindset] " Soft (文 / 朱以撒) Thin (Wen / Zhu Isaac)

    【书法乡土】心仪龙门(文 / 庞任隆) [Calligraphic Locality ] Favorite Longmen (Wen / Pang Renlong)


    · 教育 6 Edition · Education


    欲得身心俱净好,何妨翰墨作生涯(文 / 梁厚能) ● If you want to be pure in body and mind, why do n’t Han Mo work as a career (Wen / Liang Hooneng)

    【毕业季】北京师范大学毕业生作品选登 [Graduation season] Selected works of graduates of Beijing Normal University

    【书法课堂】永字八法 [Calligraphy Class] Eight Characters


    · 学术 7 Edition · Academic


    严整与清秀 —— 沙翁早年所书《陈君夫人魏氏墓志铭》(文 / 石剑波) Strict Rectification and Clean Show —— Sha Weng's Early Epitaph of Mrs. Chen (Wen / Shi Jianbo)
    小议书法的传统继承与个体特质(文 / 吴志辉) Discussion on the traditional inheritance and individual characteristics of calligraphy (Wen Zhihui)


    · 鉴藏 8th Edition


    傅申:故宫本怀素《自叙帖》之我见(下)(文 / 田洪) Fu Shen: My Opinions on "Self-narration Posts" of the Palace Museum by Huai Su (Part 2) (Text / Tian Hong)

    苏州博物馆所藏清代状元书扇(文 / 龚建毅) ● The Qing Dynasty Scholar Book Fan Collected by Suzhou Museum (Wen / Gong Jianyi)